Sexy Dynamite Bomber! is a series of non-canon omake gaiden Freezing manga chapters in the packaged volumes of the Freezing television discs (DVD & BD). It is published in the Freezing Magazine insert. The omake gaiden chapters were written by Lim Dall Young (Freezing's manga writer) and drawn by Kim Kwang Hyun (Freezing's manga artist).

Sexy Dynamite Bomber! chaptersEdit

Volume Chapter Title Publication date Summary
Freezing Magazine 01 01 サテライザーだって乙女だもん 2011-03-30
Freezing Magazine 02 02 一線を超えてしまう夜 2011-04-27
Freezing Magazine 03 03 カズヤはワタシのものであります! 2011-05-25
Freezing Magazine 04 04 エリザベスの休日 2011-06-22
Freezing Magazine 05 05 シャキッとしなさい! 2011-07-27
Freezing Magazine 06 06 絶対小説家になってやる 2011-08-24

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