SAI:Taker -Futari no Artemis- list of volumes


Cover Volume Title Chapters Publication date ISBN
SaiTaker-vol01-j-fcover Volume 1 1 Chapters 0 – 4 23-07-2012 ISBN 978-4840144933
Title Notes: The cover features Takabayashi Reiri and her SAI.
SaiTaker-vol02-j-fcover Volume 2 2 Chapters 5 – 23-10-2012 ISBN 978-4840147354
Title Notes: The cover features Nanase Kyou and her SAI.
SaiTaker-vol03-j-fcover Volume 3 3 23-02-2013 ISBN 978-4840150071
Title Notes: The cover features Igarashi Yuuma and her SAI.

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