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Freezing - Zero list of volumes


Cover Volume Title Chapters Publication date ISBN
Freezing-Zero-v1-fcover-jp Volume 1 Kazuha Aoi Chapters 1 – 5 2012-09-04 ISBN 978-4799203040

This documents the origins of Aoi Kazuha's and Kim Yumi's and Elize Schmidt's friendship, and how Aoi Kazuha developed into a Pandora at West Genetics Japan. Additional information on the origins of the Pandoras, Valkyries and Nova Clashes is also shown.

Freezing-Zero-v2-fcover-jp Volume 2 Arnett McMillan Chapters 6 – 2013-02-27 ISBN 978-4799203903

This documents the origins of Arnett McMillan's character, and how she developed into a Pandora at West Genetics Japan.

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