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Freezing: Zero (Original Japanese: フリージングZERO ; Romaji: Furījingu - ZERO ; Korean: 프리징 -ZERO- ; Revised: Peulijing ZERO) is a spin-off of Freezing. The story was written by Lim Dall Young (林達永), drawn by Jeong Soo Cheol (鄭洙哲), produced by Artlim Media, published by Comic Valkyrie, into Japanese. It is also called "Freezing Another Story: First Chronicle". It is based on the adventures of Aoi Kazuha.

The first two chapters debuted in Comic Valkyrie volume 37, the May 2012 issue, which was published on 2012-03-27, and shown with prominence on the cover of the bimonthly pulp magazine.

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